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Dataviz of the week, 15/6/17

It’s Clean Air Day in the UK. Air pollution interests me, partly as I worked in medical stats for many years, partly because I don’t want to breathe in a lot of crap, and partly because I don’t want my baby to breathe in a lot of crap. London is really bad, the worst place in Europe. Not Beijing, sure, but really bad, and it’s hard to imagine that Brexit will lead to anything but a relaxation of the rules.

Real World Visuals (formerly CarbonVisuals, who made the amazing mountain of CO2 balls looming over New York) have made a series of simple, elegant but powerful images about volumes of air and what they contain, and the volumes of air saturated with pollution which are left behind by one car over one kilometer travelled.


The tweet is accidentally poetic as it can’t accommodate more than the first four images, which leaves you on a cliffhanger with the massive stack looming behind the mother and girl. You know what it is but you can’t see its enormity yet.

The crowd visualisation of 9,416 dead Londoners as dots is not bad, though I like physical images of numbers of people, like this classic (adapted from http://www.i-sustain.com/old/CommuterToolkit.htm):


Here’s a picture of apparently 8-9000 people marching in Detroit:


All dead by Christmas. And then some.

You might like to compare and contrast with higher-profile causes of death, like terrorism.

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Presentation: Animated graphs in R

As animatedgraphs.co.uk takes shape, and following the great reception it got at the Stata Users Group in London in September, I’m pleased to announce I will be giving the same presentation – for R this time – at the LondonR meeting on the evening of 4 December 2012. In the meantime I will be ading more stuff to the website and getting it R-eady so that hopefully I can do a proper public launch before the end of the year.

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