I’m into data visualisation, Bayesian modeling and medical statistics. I run a startup called BayesCamp, based in Croydon Tech City, doing analysis, dataviz, training and coaching. This blog is an outlet for a weekly dataviz that I like, occasional musings on good and not-so-good practices, and news of upcoming activities.


I trained in medical statistics, the old-fashioned way, and then later became interested in dataviz, machine learning and programming. I also love teaching these subjects and count myself as part of a broad movement (centred around the IASE) to reform statistics teaching, which is generally very poor.

I started off number-crunching at the Royal College of Physicians (of London) on clinical audit data, and project-managed the writing of several evidence-based guidelines for the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Then, I went into academia as senior lecturer (now honorary research fellow) in health and social care statistics at the overlap in a Venn diagram between Kingston University and St George’s, University of London. I also taught online and in workshops for Harvard Medical School and did freelance training and analysis in the health sector.

I am one of the 28 contributors to Stan, the fast, flexible Bayesian software: I made the StataStan interface and am now working on interactive outputs. I’m writing a book on data visualisation for the ASA & CRC Press series Statistical Reasoning in Science and Society. I’m a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a member of their statistical computing committee.

My website robertgrantstats.co.uk is aimed at health sector clients and captures all my academic work, while bayescamp.com is coming soon to cover the Bayesian consultancy, training and coaching, and I put together animatedgraphs.co.uk to explain how to make bespoke animated graphs from inside R or Stata.


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