BayesCamp prize 2019

Each year at the International Workshop on Computational Economics and Econometrics, I award a BayesCamp prize for the talk with clearest exposition. Last week, I discussed the strange mental contortions one can get in over voting systems. Now to announce the winner, who is…

Dr Karolina Safarzynska, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw

Her talk was titled “a higher rebound effect under bounded rationality: interactions between car mobility and electricity generation”. This work is also in a paper forthcoming in Energy Economics. She set out a complex model for consumer behaviour under various incentive (tax relief) schemes to promote electric vehicles, but it was clear throughout, appealing to a lot of graphics alongside algebra rather than representing the concepts one way only. The assumptions and the nuanced conclusions (we are likely to inadvertently raise electricity prices, pressurise the market and prime consumers to rebound into fossil fuels once the tax scheme ends, if the scheme is not quite carefully constructed) can then be absorbed by the audience in an intelligent way, meaning that we can critically consider them and draw our own conclusions, rather than just having to choose between acceptance and rejection.

This kind of communication skill for complex quantitative analysis is rare. I’m really pleased to be able to acknowledge it publicly and encourage others to try to do the same.


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