Hand-crafted artisanal data versus autonomous machine learning

This was a thread on Twitter, and I thought should reach a different audience here too. If you wonder why it lacks the usual prolix rotation of the old bon mots like single malt whisky on one’s langues semblables a des langues de feu, that’s why.

Article of the year: “The BS-industrial complex of phony AI” by @mikemallazzo. If you want to understand why there is an AI boom, you have to read this. I agree with 100% of it.
(note: this is on Medium and they will snoop the hell out of you unless you go in through Tor)
Here’s another related article that I love. Goes deeper into the role of the human. Sent to me just now by someone v clever [who presumably wishes to remain anonymous].
I see some smart people making investment decisions who recognise that. I suspect the pendulum will swing back in favour of artisanal hand-crafted small-batch feature engineering.
One underlying problem has been that CompSci mindset that says it is worthy to make a solution that requires no human input and can cope with anything.

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