Books for sale!

I’m clearing out some books. You can buy them! They are all good ones, it’s just that I don’t need to have hard copies filling up my (already bulging) shelves.

They are all cheaper than Amazon, although shipping beyond the EU is more expensive as I don’t have my own logistics empire. Logistic regression yes, logistics empire no. Here’s a photo of the river Itchen instead:

By Chris Wood CC BY-SA 3.0,


Smaller than the Amazon, but no piranhas.

They are all in very good condition. I don’t know what term book sellers would use, but they are nearly new with one exception.

Whoever buys one first (the earliest transaction to have all the cost + p&p received by me or BayesCamp or WorldPay) gets a free book: Information Is Beautiful by David McCandless! Too late, it’s gone.

You can get them by emailing me at and I’ll arrange a bank transfer or credit card transaction. Within the EU, the credit card transactions would be via BayesCamp and hence have 20% VAT added. Outside the UK, credit card is probably much simpler for you than bank transfers and you might have to pay bank fees for the transfer. Options, options… Basically in the UK you probably want bank transfer, in the EU it’s not so clear and rest-of-world probably want credit card.



CUDA By Example by Sanders & Kandrot
RRP & Amazon: £40
Book Depository: £28 all inclusive
My price: £15 + p&p

Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL, 1st edition by Gaster, Howes et al
Amazon 2nd hand sellers: £28 all inclusive
My price: £15 + p&p

Data Analysis

An Introduction to Statistical Learning by James, Witten, Hastie & Tibshirani
RRP: £54
Amazon discounted price: £41
My price: £25 + p&p

Bayesian Methods For Data Analysis by Carlin & Louis
RRP: £64
Amazon discounted price: £47
My price: £35 + p&p

Correspondence Analysis in Practice, Second Edition by Greenacre
RRP: £79
Amazon discounted price: £64
My price: £35* + p&p
* – this book is the only one in the sale to have my pencil notes in the margins. You can have it for £35 with pencil notes or £40 with them lovingly rubbed out (but they might be useful to you…)

Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods by Greenacre & Blasius
RRP: £125
Amazon discounted price: £109
My price: £35 + p&p


Writing Dissertation and Grant Proposals: Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics by Chasan & Taber
RRP: £49
Amazon discounted price: £42
My price: £25 + p&p


Beautiful Visualization by Iliinsky & Steele
RRP & Amazon: £48
My price: £30 + p&p sold!

Information Is Beautiful (UK edition) by McCandless
RRP: £25
Amazon discounted price: £10
my price: FREE to the first buyer or if you just want this one, £3 + p&p sold!

Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics by Yau
RRP: £31
Amazon discounted price: £21
My price: £10 + p&p sold!

Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals by Knaflic
RRP: £31
Amazon discounted price: £18
My price: £10 + p&p sold!


postage & packaging:

UK, Channel Islands, BFPO: £7
EU: £10
Rest Of World: £14

These values, p, are calculated for one book. If you’re buying n books where n∈ℕ, n>1, I’ll let you know the p&p, but it should be less than np.


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