Features in Stata 15: a collection of blog posts

After Stata 15 came out in the summer of ’17, I wrote a series of blog posts for Timberlake, the distributors for the British Isles, MENA etc. Each one takes a new feature and shows how you can put it to use. There is a do file and a data file that you can use to follow along, and then adapt for your own purposes. I collect them here for your delight! And I look forward very much to the expected arrival of Stata 16 this summer.

Survival (time-to-event) analysis with interval-censored event times (stintreg command)


Multilevel Tobit regression models (metobit command)


Fitting more complex Bayesian models with JAGS, Stan or BUGS – from inside Stata


Threshold regression for time series (threshold command)


Cumulative sum test for parameter stability in time series (estat sbcusum command)


Non-parametric (local-linear kernel) regression (npregress command)


SVG graphics (graph export command)


Semi-transparency in Stata graphics (mcol and lcol options)


Bayesian analyses in Stata 15 (bayes and bayesmh commands)


Creating HTML output with community-contributed Stata commands (webdoc, esttab, htmlutil, ht, html-reports)

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 13.40.57

Spatial analysis in Stata 15 (sp* commands)


Reproducible outputs with dyntext, dyndoc and user-written commands



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