Dataviz of the week, 16/8/17

John Nelson made this map of only those electoral tracts that returned close to 50% Trump-Clinton votes in the USA. The nice idea, taken from Tim Wallace at NYT, is to show them as isolated islands in a sea of partisanship. John blogged in detail about how he did it, which is generous and a welcome inspiration for others.

There is a considerable amount of human craftmanship involved in this, but I don’t think we should shy away from that. We tend (me too!) to look for coding solutions to everything but shouldn’t let that keep us from doing nice things by hand too. Having said that, it reminded me of this very cool totally automatic JavaScript generator of fantasy maps.

Using metaphor to reinforce a dataviz message is an important tool. I decided to close my dataviz book, now in draft version 1, with examples of that. I went with Carbon Visuals, Gun Deaths 2013, 5W Infographics’ solar system exploration, and WP’s flight MH graphic.




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