Dataviz of the week, 17/1/2017

These simple line charts are a lot of fun. Your task is to guess what happened to various stats during the Obama years. Then the truth is revealed. I got the first one amazingly close to the truth, felt pretty smug, then missed all the others by a mile. You might expect a rather partisan message from this left-wing (by American standards) source, but it is quite neutral.


Larry Buchanan, Haeyoun Park and Adam Pearce are the creators. Oh for the good old days when everyone was using d3 for online interactive graphics and the source code was easy to follow. These images don’t have to be interactive, just to have part of the line invisible and then appear. They seem to have made the whole thing in Illustrator and done some ai2html conversion from there. Each2theirown. It seems to me like it would actually take longer to do that than to just get on and code the damn thing from first principles. Drawing the line on top is actually pretty easy to achieve, even I can do that sort of thing, so, like Ken Hom’s hot wok, so can you.

This kind of interactive would be quite nice for teaching stats. And I like the way that the y-axis range changes slightly so as not to give you any clues.



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