How I work, part 1: oppressive regimes

A quick note: in my work, I won’t travel to countries which are oppressive or dangerous. I have a list in mind, but I won’t print it here because these things change, other than to say that, in the absence of actual statute, and notwithstanding the limitations on executive power familiar to all former viewers of The West Wing, I have to assume for the time being that the USA goes on that list, having elected a president on a ticket of torture and extra-judicial killings. So, that unfortunately rules out attendance at StanCon 2017, and JSM 2017, but not JSM 2018, which is in Canada.

My own experience leaves me unconvinced of the ability of complete economic blockade to effect cultural or political change, so I continue to work with anyone whose own focus is not morally reprehensible. As mentioned here, I am writing a book for an American publisher, and have occasional dealings with certain American universities. I will continue to make the stuff that I would have offered up for StanCon and you’ll hear about it here. But I won’t travel there (which is a pity because I really like their wintergreen-flavored toothpaste if nothing else).

When I finish tidying up my website, I will have a section there on “how I work” that spells out things like this.


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