Notes after the death of Pierre Boulez

I’m going to take a diversion from the staple statistical fare and mark the passing of a man who has obliquely, and not without contradiction, been a long-running source of inspiration to me. The death of composer and conductor Pierre Boulez was announced in January. There is plenty you can read about him online, so I won’t attempt any kind of obituary; rather, I want to reflect on the art-science intercourse and the unexpected lessons in living and working.

For this post, it was quite hard to decide what to cover and how to structure it. Finally, I felt I should get on with it and follow his style and form. It would be tempting to keep deleting and rewriting it every ten years or so, but I don’t plan to do that. The text is not here but on my website (click here), because it uses a little JavaScript to play the role of a conductor interlocking the rings of Le Marteau Sans Maître.


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