Roman dataviz and inference in complex systems

I’m in Rome at the International Workshop on Computational Economics and Econometrics. I gave a seminar on Monday on the ever-popular subject of data visualization. Slides are here. In a few minutes, I’ll be speaking on Inference in Complex Systems, a topic of some interest from practical research experience my colleague Rick Hood and I have had in health and social care research.

Here’s a link to my handout for that: iwcee-handout

In essence, we draw on realist evaluation and mixed-methods research to emphasise understanding the complex system and how the intervention works inside it. Unsurprisingly for regular readers, I try to promote transparency around subjectivities, awareness of philosophy of science, and Bayesian methods.



  1. Thank you, Robert
    your short course on monday was a great contribute indeed…
    we desired those slides

  2. Thanks for posting your handouts. I’m enjoying the one from your talk on Inference in Complex Systems. It’s a little hard to follow exactly how you build the case, but it’s definitely a relevant and important topic that deserves discussion. I think we get overwhelmed by not having a complete solution (throw up our hands in horror as you say). But we must continue to deepen our understanding of the underlying issues while also continuing to press forward.

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