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Two handy documents for making good UK maps

Everybody loves a good map. Even if you don’t have any reason to make one, your boss will love it when you do, so check this out and get yourself a pay rise (possibly).

First, this set of diagrams via ONS Geographies on Twitter, showing how the different terminologies of UK administrative geography overlap and nest. It looks horrible, like it was made by NSA staffers after their PowerPoint refresher day, but it does the trick, and I haven’t seen this pulled together in one simple way like this before.

Second, this nice presentation from the most recent LondonR meeting, by Simon Hailstone. He shows the value of proper mapping tools inside R with some real-life ambulance service data. Croydon, Romford, Kingston, West End, OK. Heathrow Airport is a bit of a surprise.

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Visualising data for clinical audit – videos now online

HQIP held a most enjoyable seminar recently on presenting healthcare quality data to clinicians and the public. It’s all now online on YouTube and I recommend it to anyone working in this field.

It took them hours to do my make-up but it was worth it.

Really, I’d now like to reverse the order of topics in my talk (and a nother version of it popped up at Hertfordshire University Business School), starting with interactivity and trends, then going into chart design and perception a bit more. Stats could appear at the end if there’s time, along with software, if there’s time. I’ve also decided to ditch the silly pictures and have concrete examples, good and bad, at every stage. We live and learn (mostly).

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