Data visualization online lecture, and deck.js markdown coming soon

I have a new set of dataviz slides online here, aimed at a clinical audit audience but of broad interest, I hope. It is rather updated from last year’s slides, and shares a lot of examples and points with the RSS talk from March. It seems a cliche to say new things are appearing every day, but in the case of this particular day, it’s true; my slides are already out of date a few hours after the talk.

You’ll note that, having played around with Slidify and other online slide libraries, I’ve come back to deck.js, which is a pleasure to work with. In fact, I made a little markdown program in R to take plain text and turn it into a ‘deck’. I’ve got a couple more bits to add to that, then it’s going up here, on the software page, and at Github. I’m thinking of compiling it too. I’m also rather pleased with my rlg.css which you can save into your /themes/style folder for a cool black background.


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