Animated graphs hits the Stata blog

Chuck Huber of StataCorp (the voice behind those great YouTube videos) has just been blogging about animated graphs. He looks into using Camtasia software as well as my ffmpeg approach. And even if you’re not interested in making any such graph, go and look at some of his wonderful GIFs which would make great teaching tools, for example around power and sample size.

The more I use ffmpeg, the more I appreciate it. Working with video files is a real pain nowadays. There used to be more compatibility across software and operating systems and browsers, but not they all seem to be closing ranks. This is a good overview; although the terror of 2011 turned out to be a little overstated, the direction of travel is there and the HTML5 video tag remains flawed through lack of support from the software houses. Just today I’d been messing about moving video files from one computer to another in the vague hope that somewhere I would find the right combination of permissions that could open them, edit them and save them again. It was a struggle. The closest I got was the oldest OS I had on a laptop: XP (no, I’m not going to update it because the support ended yesterday! It was the last good one!). Then in the end I realised I could just do it all from the command line with ffmpeg. Plus you get to look like a badass hacker if anyone looks over your shoulder!

ffmpeg in action (compare and contrast with your favourite proprietary video software NOT in action). Borrowed from

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