Big bad data

Article on the New York Times website yesterday on big data in business. In essence, there’s nothing new here for data analysts, it’s the old problem that once you have some fancy new method, some people stop thinking about what it means and how it could have gone wrong. But the case study of the A&E TV network sacking someone on the basis of real-time tweets, and then having to change their mind, is a nice one!

The writer explains big data as:

the term du jour for the collection of vast troves of information that can instantaneously be synthesized

which has a certain irony to it.


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  1. The worst part is that it became so “du jour” that folks are using it to describe ANY data, from big, to small, to tiny. Efron wrote: “Statistics has been the most successful information science. Those who ignore statistics are condemned to re-invent it.” He wrote this 8 years ago…

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