A couple of new online interactive maps

Two interesting new online mapping / geographical sites just spotted. Crash stories is a crowd-sourcing website for data that just doesn’t exist elsewhere: traffic accident near-misses (only in NYC at present).

Crash Stories screen shot
Crash Stories screen shot

Of course, it’s a tradeoff with data quality. I accidentally put down an accident before I’d learnt which button did what (I didn’t save it but maybe others have, judging by the near-misses in the middle of the East River.

Also just out is this analysis of how integrated (or not) cities in the USA are in terms of ethnic mix. Nice Google Spreadsheet bubble plot! I’ve only just discovered how easy it is to make one of those. And they kindly provide the embed code so I could add their maps into my blog – except that WordPress didn’t like it, so you have to click here instead…

Atlantic Cities drew my attention to both of these. You should all read Atlantic! It’s realy good stuff.


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