is officially live!

Today I have updated the website at and it is now officially launched, including the new mascot Animated Ant.

It will continue to expand in coming weeks and months. My to-do list is:

  • Add a page on 3-D graphics, both things like wireframes that look 3-D and red/blue superimposed images that, when seen through the right glasses, really are 3-D
  • Add a page on maps (particularly Google maps)
  • Add advice on SPSS, which has no shell command to call ffmpeg from inside, but a batch file can run both the SPSS syntax and ffmpeg.
  • Get to grips with Excel VBA. There are a lot of people who would use Excel but not any stats software (they are mistaken of course, but let’s cross that bridge later…)

Suggestions and tasks for me to add to the list are very welcome!


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