Missing data course in London

LSHTM are running a course on multiple imputation and inverse probability weighting, popular techniques for dealing with missing data on 12-14 June 2013. The instructors are some of the world’s foremost experts so this is a great chance to learn about these methods.

The course will:

  • provide an introduction to the issues raised by missing data, and the associated statistical jargon (missing completely at random, missing at random, missing not at random)
  • illustrate the shortcomings of ad-hoc methods for ‘handling’ missing data
  • introduce multiple imputation for statistical analysis with missing data
  • compare and contrast this with other methods, in particular inverse probability weighting and doubly robust methods, and
  • to introduce accessible methods for exploring the sensitivity of inference to the missing at random assumption

Through computer practicals using Stata, participants will learn how to apply the statistical methods introduced in the course  to realistic datasets.


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