Parliamentary inquiry into clinical trials

From the Radstats mailing list:

The Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee has started an enquiry into clinical trials/disclosure of clinical trial data and transparency.It was announced 13 December, deadline for submissions is noon on Friday 22 February.
Submissions up to 3,000 words

Questions asked:
1.  Do the European Commission’s proposed revisions to the Clinical Trials Directive address the main barriers to conducting clinical trials in the UK and EU?
2. What is the role of the Health Research Authority (HRA) in relation to clinical trials and how effective has it been to date?
3. What evidence is there that pharmaceutical companies withhold clinical trial data and what impact does this have on public health?
4. How could the occurrence and results of clinical trials be made more open to scrutiny? Who should be responsible?
5. Can lessons about transparency and disclosure of clinical data be learned from other countries?

The Committee is encouraging written submissions for this inquiry to be sent by email to and marked ‘Clinical Trials’.


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