This ‘videographic’ is snow good

I just gave in and looked up the weather forecast for Christmas Day. The Met Office (UK) had a “videographic” on their web page. Well, I could hardly contain my excitement!

Sadly, it fell a long way short of expectations (probably like the presents I got for Mrs Grant this year). What is with the first part? It goes on way too long. The years are in random order – why would you go to the effort of doing that? Nobody can follow what’s going on as a result. And I was trying to work out what the x-axis indicated, before finally deciding it meant nothing at all! then we have a line chart joining the depth of snow on years when snow fell on Christmas day, which has the advantage of familiarity, but there are no gaps for the years with no snow. Aaargh!

I don’t want to be too harsh – they tried and that is really, really important. Keep trying, and check out some of the amazing work at for ideas

Ho ho ho!


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