Reliability studies, missing data, and meta-analysis – lunchtime seminars

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine are hosting some educational seminars on popular statistical topics. This is a great opportunity to learn some new tricks over lunch if you are near London!

I’m sorry but it won’t look like this in November…

Centre for Statistical Methodology: AUTUMN EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR SERIES

For three weeks in November, the Centre for Statistical Methodology at LSHTM will hold a series of lunchtime educational seminars


Agreement, reliability and repeatability studies (Jonathan Bartlett)

Tuesday 13th November 12:45pm (basic) – LG9

Thursday 15th November 12:45pm (intermediate) – LG9


Missing data (Mike Kenward and James Carpenter)

Tuesday 20th November 12:45pm (basic) – Lucas Room (LG81)

Thursday 22nd November 12:45pm (intermediate) – Bennett Room (LG80)


Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis (Phil Edwards, Alma Adler, Tim Collier and Bianca De Stavola)

Tuesday 27th November 12:45pm (Systematic Reviews) – Lucas Room (LG81)

Thursday 29th November 12:45pm (Meta-analysis) – LG9



For further information, please contact


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