Training for analysing routine healthcare databases

This is a huge growth area: computerised health records bring “Big Data” to the world of medical research (even if you don’t believe Big Data is all that big or new). But opportunities to learn the tricks from the experts are rare, and believe me, there are a lot of tricks needed to get reliable findings out. So these three short courses at UCL (Royal Free Medical School) are selling out fast.

  • Course 1: An introduction to Primary care databases – Monday 5 November
  • Course 2: Missing data and new methods for multiple imputation of longitudinal electronic health records – Tuesday and Wednesday 6 – 7 November
  • Course 3: An introduction to Hospital Episode Statistics – Thursday and Friday 8 – 9 November

Trainers include members of the prolific THIN research team and experts in epidemiology, statistics and missing data. In particular, Course 2 is the only chance you’re going to get this year to learn two-fold FCS imputation, a new method for imputing longitudinal data without getting tangled up in horrendous multicolinear imputation models, so new the methods paper is not even out yet, and you can learn from the inventors! They also have a new Stata command to carry out the imputation called -twofold-


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