Excellent and hilarious piece of work from Scott Bryan, demolishing sensational weather headlines in the Express. Since the departure of the Giles cartoons, it hasn’t had a redeeming feature.

Oh It's Scott Bryan!

There’s one thing the Daily Express likes to talk about.


That’s right… it is THE WEATHER.

For example, here was last Monday’s front page:

But how many times have stories about the weather appeared on the front page? 

According to my own research, since September 2011:

  • Stories about the WEATHER has appeared on the front page Daily Express 111 times.
  • It has been the MAIN NEWS STORY OF THE DAY52 times.


  • It has predicted hurricanes 3 times in the last year. It also claims that a hurricane hit Britain on the 4th January.
  • There has been 12 instances in the last year where it has predicted or has claimed weather ‘chaos’.
  • Here is a wordle of their top weather related headlines in the last year:

So, how many times has it accurately predicted the weather? I’m no meteorologist, but here are all of the…

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