Animate your graphs using only stats software

Here’s a first glimpse of work I’ve been doing on animated graphs recently. The motivating principle is this:

I analyse data all day long, and I am (if I say so myself) pretty good at using software like Stata or R. I have seen some cool graphs made into videos like Hans Rosling’s 200 countries, and I thought “I want to do that!”. But… I know nothing about video editing software, and in fact I don’t have the time nor money nor energy to learn it.

If you feel the same, let me tell you the good news: you can do any clever animation you want without leaving your favourite software. I will show you how – it’s surprisingly easy – and you are limited only by your imagination and how tricksy you can get with your coding.

All details are going to go online in the next couple of months at

If Stata is your software of choice, then come and join me at the London SUG on 13-14 September when I will be presenting how to do it in Stata. All those tips and examples will also go online, and there will be equivalents for R, and SPSS will follow after that.


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