Free research methods courses for London health professionals

The Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre are running courses in the Autumn, free to healthcare professionals in London if you work for Guy’s, King’s & Tommy’s, St George’s, SLAM, or Barts & the London.

Quantitative Research Methods Courses

  • Correlation and linear regression  
  • Quantitative data analysis part 1   
  • Quantitative data analysis part 2   
  • Introduction to critical appraisal of quantitative research  
  • Data entry and management
  • Introduction to statistical data management
  • Introduction to SPSS
  • Quantitative data analysis: multivariable analysis   
  • Introduction to meta analysis   

Qualitative Research Methods Courses

  • Introduction to critical appraisal of qualitative research 

General Issues in Conducting Research

  • Performing observational research – an introduction to different study design options
  • Implementing patient and public involvement
  • Evaluation of diagnostic tests
  • Economic evaluation in healthcare 

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