STAT-JR beta released

This is a new piece of stats software I encountered on a recent course. It is being developed by the team at Bristol who produce MLwiN and it is aimed at making multilevel (and other) models accessible by providing a single interface that will then go and get the results you need from whatever software it finds on the same computer: R, SPSS, Stata, MLwiN &c &c. Worth checking out!

Dear Sir/Madam,
From the MLwiN development team and in collaboration with additional
programmers at the University of Southampton we are pleased to announce a
beta release for our new exciting Stat-JR software package developed as
part of three ESRC funded programme nodes (LEMMA II and III in the NCRM
programme and e-STAT in the DSR programme).
At present whilst the software is a beta release we are only distributing
it in 30-day limited licence form but it is our intention after a period to
release fully when, as with our MLwiN software, Stat-JR will be free to UK
academics with potentially a small one off fee to non-academics and non-UK
users. Note that currently
Stat-JR is a Microsoft Windows only piece of software.

For more details on the software and how you can apply for a free 30 day
download of the software please visit and fill in a request form for a
Best wishes,

The Stat-JR team.


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